What Advice Gov stands for

Advice Gov are a group of public sector procurement specialists who believe in the potential of harnessing the public sector’s purchasing power to create wide-scale change in the UK and beyond.

People and the planet rely on governments to make equitable decisions, and procurement has a major impact on society and the environment. The UK public sector spends £113bn a year with private sector organisations!

Advice Gov exist to ensure that the public sector can deliver services effectively, for those who rely on them.

We do this by ensuring that ethical, progressive suppliers have an opportunity to sell their services to the public sector. We think that public organisations should buy from suppliers who are socially responsible, have sustainable and ethical supply chains, and are committed to making ambitious improvements to their products/services/operations.

Our goal is to enable the public sector to procure the best available services.

We do this so that all people can experience equal access to high quality public services, to support and enable a better quality of living.

What we do

Our team of procurement consultants, framework experts and specialist advisors, guide suppliers and buyers towards making a big impact.

For Suppliers, we:

  • Advise you on working with government and how to become part of the supply chain
  • Give you the resources you need to understand your social and environmental impact
  • Guide you on making improvements to your processes for social benefit
  • Help you shout about the good work you do!

For Buyers, we:

  • Help you understand the potential impact of your buying decisions
  • Guide you on conducting an ethical, sustainable procurement
  • Devise minimum award criteria that invites value-aligned suppliers to work with you

Advice Gov is the sister company to Advice Cloud, who specialise in procurement support related to technology and its suppliers.

Want to join the Advice Gov team?

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